Four Corners’ clients range from individuals, couples and families to small business, regional and multinational companies. We recognise each client is different and approach our work with this in mind. Our people focused approach results in tailored global mobility solutions - responding to your needs. We ask many questions, listen, apply our experience, leverage our expertise, make recommendations and build relationships.

We have been operating since 1996 and are confident we provide the best service in the industry.

Sponsorship Experts

With over 20 years global mobility expertise, we apply our experience to your company's unique circumstances and provide tailored advice and technical capability.

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On the basis of excellent customer service and performance, our company selected Four Corners as our preferred migration agent. Mark, Group Operations Director

Global clients, Australian expertise

We apply our experience to your unique circumstances and provide individual advice. We navigate complex immigration law and understand one size does not fit all.

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Four Corners was recommended to me by an acquaintance who had worked with the firm numerous times. From the beginning of the process you set and managed my expectations, communicated regularly and made valuable recommendations that resulted in my permanent residency. You deliver the desired outcome! Sandy, Canada

Bringing people together

We understand the importance of a partner, parent or other family members joining you in Australia. We simplify the process and provide the best opportunity of securing a Visa.

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Without you, we would not be planning to leave for Australia so soon! You have been very informative, patient and most important of all - efficient. Because of Four Corners, we can start a brand new exciting life and our future is looking very bright. Daniella and Jonathan South Africa

Know the right questions

Planning is vital when developing an investment and business strategy. We offer expertise that ensures you understand your options and their implications.

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Our relationship started in 2000 when we established the company's Asia Pacific headquarters in Melbourne - which required the relocation of staff and families from South Africa to Australia. Four Corners offered excellent advice and found solutions for our situation. More importantly, they were also able to provide support both in countries. Francois, Senior Vice President

A recruitment strategy that works

Talent Sourcing supports your existing recruitment processes and structure, while increasing capability and cost effective results.

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Thank you for assisting us with sourcing skilled personnel from around the world. (and for arranging their Visas!) I can always rely on fast, efficient and friendly professional service - and follow-up that is way beyond what is expected. We recommend Four Corners to anyone looking for skilled staff. Rodney, Operations Manager

Australia is possible!

Live and work in Australia. We simplify the process and give you the best opportunity to secure a Visa.

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Be in the know

Employers must meet strict criteria to sponsor a non-Australian employee. Verify your company's eligibility.

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Make your competitors envious

Leading organisations are turning to the global talent pool as a recruitment strategy. Don't be left behind.

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A talent strategy that works

Our Global Talent Sourcing is a solution Australian organisations are using to achieve future business objectives.

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Know where you stand

Job seekers must meet strict criteria to acquire an Employer Sponsored Visa. Verify your eligibility.

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Obtain expert advice

There are over 140 different types of Australian Visas. Our expertise is determining which one is right for you.

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