Meet our Experts

The Four Corners team has been assisting individuals, small businesses and multinationals since 1996 and currently have offices in Australia and South Africa.

Our team has a highly successful track record and a commitment to delivering tailored, people focused visa solutions.

The Four Corners team is led by:

Matthew Garvey – Managing Director

Matthew Garvey Registered Migration Agent Four Corners BW 

Matthew has worked with skilled individuals, business leaders / business owners and HR Managers since 1997 on all Australian immigration matters. Matthew devises a unique migration plan for each client and then effectively manages this plan. Matthew is both a Registered Migration Agent for Australia and a Licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand. Additionally, Matthew actively works with Migration Attorneys in the USA and Canada to assist our clients with visa applications to North America.


Migration / Emigration / Immigration - Our firm has successfully processed thousands of:

  • Temporary residence 457 visas

  • Permanent residence Employer Sponsored Visas. ENS/RSMS.

  • Applications for General Skilled Migration (GSM) from clients in Australia, South Africa, The UK, India, The USA and other countries.

  • Hundreds of Business & Investment Migration visas, Partner Visas & other Family Migration visas

Doing Business in Australia

Matthew has successfully negotiated a number of Labour Agreements with the Department of Immigration (DIAC) and have completed a number of On-Hire Labour Agreements for his clients in the recruitment industry.

Talent Sourcing

Finding people with the right skills has gone global, and we are experts. Regardless of geography, we find exceptional talent that we help successfully transition into your organisation.

Matthew develops relationships with people, asks questions, understands needs and ensures our firm provides the best service in the industry.  


Claire McGregor – Head of Business Development

Claire McGregor Registered Migratin Agent Four Corners BW

Claire is originally from the UK and emigrated to Australia 10 years ago. Claire has worked in the industry for over 16 years, in Australia and the UK, assisting a wide range of clients from individuals to small business to multinationals. Motivated by a genuine passion to create solutions for people, Claire provides expert immigration advice so clients can achieve their visa goals. 



Claire's specialties include:

  • Employer Sponsored Visas - both temporary and permanent

  • General Skilled Migration

  • Family and Partner Migration

  • Labour Agreement Applications

  • Pre Migration Assessments

  • Project Management

  • Client Management

  • Relationship Building

  • Liaison with Government Departments, Skills Assessing Authorities and other Stakeholders

Claire has also worked on large-scale international talent sourcing / recruitment projects, travelling overseas to assist in the sourcing, selection and the subsequent processing of visa applications.

As a Registered Migration Agent, Claire adheres to a strict Code of Conduct and undertakes continuing professional development to ensure she remain knowledgeable, up to date and on top of her game.


Victoria Ward – Head of Client Service

Victoria Ward Registered Migration Agent Four Corners BW

Victoria provides Australian visa solutions and expert immigration advice to a wide range of clients, from individuals to small businesses to multinationals. Victoria has a specialisation in Employer Sponsored Visa solutions. Victoria has assisted hundreds of businesses to secure visas for overseas talent enabling them to thrive in the competitive Australian market.

Having emigrated to Australia from the UK, Victoria's personal experience has provided her valuable insight into the migration process. At the core of every visa application, is an individual. Victoria sets high expectations and focus on delivering exceptional service.


Victoria's specialties include:

  • Employer Sponsored Visa Applications (457, ENS & RSMS)

  • Skilled Migration 

  • Family & Partner Migration

  • Pre-Migration Skills Assessments

  • Project management

  • Client Management

  • Liaison with Government Departments , Skills Assessing Authorities and other Stakeholders

If you are interested in moving to Australia or employing overseas talent contact her today.  




Four Corners' success rate for securing visas has remained over 98.5% since 1997