Talent Sourcing

Identifying, attracting and engaging talent (aka sourcing) continues to be a challenge for businesses of all sizes, across all industries.  The cost of hiring the wrong skill-set, the wrong cultural fit or not being “able to hire”, due to a candidate shortage, are all recognised as business risks.

Leading organisations are turning to the global talent pool as a recruitment strategy.  By geographically expanding resourcing efforts, managers are finding a talent pipeline which provides more options. 

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While this is a positive, global talent sourcing brings with it a new set of challenges related to executing an overseas recruitment strategy, while balancing migration legislative realities.  

Our Talent Sourcing capabilities include:

Global Talent Mapping – identifying the best locations, and companies, to source talent

Global Skills Search – a search that identifies the best talent currently available

Talent Pooling – an ongoing proactive activity, a ‘by skill’ supply of global talent

Strategic Global Mobility Planning – development of activities that result in a cost-effective approach to ensuring talent availability

Talent Sourcing Tactics – developing a sourcing approach ranging from an overarching strategy to a position specific sourcing plan

Targeted Search – a search based on your targeted talent pool and unique parameters

Long and short-listing – a client feedback driven candidate review process


Contact Four Corners to discuss the challenges your organisation is facing, learn more about the cost effective Talent Sourcing services we provide and the benefit global talent sourcing can make to your business goals.


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