For those seeking Sponsorship

Australia is a desirable country to live and work!  For those seeking Sponsorship, please note Four Corners is a not a recruitment firm nor extends offers of employment to individuals.

We can assist you, and your future employer, in the following ways:

  • After you receive an offer of employment

Four Corners can process your Visa after you receive a job offer, managing the entire migration process from start to finish – submitting documentation, filing lodgements, liaising with government officials, seeking and providing on-going communication.

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  • Employer Sponsorship Process Advisory

Employers are required to become a DIAC approved sponsor to sponsor a non-Australian worker.  Four Corners can advise businesses of their eligibility and assist with the necessary approval process.

  • Before you receive an offer of employment

With numerous Visa options available, you may qualify for an Australian Visa without employer sponsorship. Skilled in navigating immigration law, we provide you clear advice on Visa selection and eligibility requirements.

Give yourself your best opportunity to secure a Visa by working with Four Corners.

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