Clients from the four corners of the globe have plenty to say...


"Four Corners was recommended to me by an acquaintance who had worked with the firm numerous times.  From the beginning of the process you set and managed my expectations, communicated regularly and made valuable recommendations that resulted in a permanent residence Employer Sponsored Visa.  I recommend Four Corners and your work highly.  You deliver the desired outcome!"

Sandy - Permanent Residence Employer Sponsored Visa

"Received our passports back from the Australian Embassy in Washington D.C. with the permanent residency Visa labels.  With this step, we have reached the end of this journey and are about to start a new one soon"

Jonathan, Ayelet and Keren - General Skilled Migration

"Without you, we would not be planning to leave for Australia so soon!  You have been very informative, patient and most important of all - efficient.  Because of Four Corners, we can start a brand new exciting life and our future is looking very bright.  If anyone we know needs help with a Visa, Four Corners will be the first and only place we recommend"

Daniella and Jonathan - Spouse / Partner Visa

"So happy with how quickly things progressed and that you explained things very clearly when we had questions to ask.  We are very happy with the service you provided.  We will be in touch when we can apply for citizenship"

Jo and Paul - General Skilled Migration

"Having struggled with the Visa process through using an agency that was not up to standard, I was introduced to Four Corners.  You transformed the process and our Visa application was successful, with minimum stress.  The team is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and make the entire process appear easy"

James - General Skilled Migration

"Impressed with the efficient way in which you steered the application through and a special thanks  for the personal touch which is so important.  A very good start to our new life near our family" 

Phillip & Shirley - Parent Visa

"Thank you for your friendly and professional advice over the past months, and for making my stay in this lovely city possible"

Kristy - 457 Employer Sponsored Visa


"Hi, would just like to say a massive thank you to Victoria and Claire for helping me apply for my partner visa!
It only took 4months 1week and 2 days!! Great effort from your team!
Four corners was recommended to me and on several occasions I spoke to Victoria and Claire prior to going ahead with the partner visa.
We discussed many other visas and although I never went ahead with these visas..
Never once did they fob me off or treat me any differently to a paying customer!! providing a high quality service all round!
This along with their excellent migration law knowledge is what made me decided to pay for a migration agent rather then battle through the visa process myself!!
I will be recommending your company to everyone!!
For those that question whether to pay for an agent to help with there visa..
My advice is simple..LET THE EXPERTS DO IT!! It's well worth the money with it being fast, efficient and stress free!! Thanks again! :))"

Samantha Riddel - Partner Visa